Kickin' Parkinson's Boxing Program

Boxing techniques, balance and core strength training.

The program utilizes a variety of training methods to address the primary challenges facing PD patients:


Improves Agility, Balance & Coordination

Strength Training

Fights muscle wasting & improves walking ability

Cardio Training

Increases work capacity & Improves soft voice syndrome


Fights stiffness, Improves Flexibility & Range of Motion

About the Program

Kickin’ Parkinson’s is always looking for ways to support our local PD patients and families and are pleased to announce a partnership with Chet Barnett and Chadwick Menge  to form the Kickin’ Parkinson’s Boxing Program.  The classes take place at The Dojo, 201 N. Columbia Street in Covington. The program focuses on boxing techniques, balance and core strength training.  KP financially supports these classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease.  Please contact Madison Hurwitz at to register. 

Benefits of a 2 year study:


Symptoms may be some cases improved

Positive Reactions

Creates positive changes in the brain


Generates renewed growth of brain cells damaged by the disease

Enhanced Dopamine

Creates enhanced uptake of dopamine in the brain which can improve growth of neurons

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Kickin' Parkinson's Boxing Program at
The Dojo, 201 N. Columbia Street in Covington