Parkinson’s Research Breakfast

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Parkinson's Research Breakfast

Parkinsons, Movement Disorder & Deep Brain Stimulation Specialist

About Dr. Drew Falconer

An early patient experience lead Dr. Falconer to study movement disorders. His patient’s essential tremor had prevented him from drinking his morning coffee on his own for 20 years. Then during an office visit Dr. Falconer installed a deep brain stimulator in the patient and right in front Dr. Falconer the tremor resolved and the patient was able to drink from a cup. This was very emotional for both he and the patient because for the first time in 20 years his patient was able to drink from a cup without someone’s help.

Dr. Drew Falconer, a specialist in Parkinson’s Disease, Movement Disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation, will speak in Covington, Louisiana on October 19, 2019.

This special event is is hosted by Kickin’ Parkinsons and sponsored by the Crescent River Port Pilots Foundation. 

A board certified, fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist Dr. Falconer was born and raised in Louisiana. Today he resides in Virginia and will travel home October 19 to share his expertise and experience with patients and their families in a personal setting at the Southern Hotel in Downtown Covington, La. 

As a true Louisiana native Dr. Falconer believes everyone should have Joie de Vivre.  “My job to work together with my patients as a team to reignite their love of life. I want patients to realize they don’t have to live life with so many limitations.” He and the team of researchers he works with believe a cure is very close. 

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